How To Survive the Winter in Austin

If you reside in Central Texas (or the south in general,) it is nothing short of a normality to experience all four seasons within one week. Therefore, I have curated a winter style guide to help you achieve a glamorous winter aesthetic even when it rises to 70 degrees in the middle of January. So, yes, please store away your baby pink sheer blouse paired with that dainty bralette, destroyed boyfriend jeans and platform nude wedges until Austin Fashion Week kicks off in April. That exact outfit may or may not be sitting at the bottom of a bulky Home Depot box in the middle of my otherwise spotless adult princess-esque room, along with other outfits that I will not allow myself to break out until the calendar itself tells me that it’s time for spring. & although it may seem that I am bitter about the fact that I can’t consistently wear my thigh high boots and faux fur coat as much as I would be able to in winter wonderland, nothing beats the variety of food trucks on every corner and the concerts in town every night just walking distance from my apartment in the lovely city of Austin. *Hint* Look out for my future posts on those luxuries pretty soon. *Hint.* Anyways, as for now… What to wear?

As always, the independent street wear designers featured on Colabination’s online shop always bring the hottest designs to the table for tasteful millennials searching for unique winter looks, just like you! Our team of Blog Ambassadors across the U.S. also provide an extensive inside look behind the design of other tastemakers, found on our blog. In addition, another online shop that has helped me enjoy winter fashion while also staying comfortable as it warms up throughout the day is LuLu’s, dubbed “the style destination for trendsetter’s worldwide!” Keep scrolling to view my top 4 mild winter garment essentials picked from each shop & be sure to visit the links provided to make your purchase.🙂

  1. Since I personally identify my style origin as modern minimalist, it’s no surprise that I fell in love with MINNOJI’s oversized skye sweater. This simple yet unique execution of color blocking pairs great with leather leggings for a soft edgy look that’s perfect for a night out when temperatures start to dip.



2. This oversized cardigan sweater is perfect to pair with a little black dress while still creating a cozy winter look that you can either pair with an infinity scarf if it’s cooler outside than usual, or shed off altogether when it reaches the daily high temperature in the afternoon! This sweater is available in both light grey and red wine (in which, the second is your best option if you tend to spill your drinks often. Not speaking from personal experience or anything).

3. A winter essential, this pale blush cropped sweater creates a girly soft glam that I personally love to pair with Smashbox Be Legendary lipstick, black leggings & my Franco Sarto black suede flats. It’s casual and comfortable on a cool and breezy day. I have one that I wear regularly, so here’s a selfie for confirmation.

4. Although I requested my reader’s earlier to please hold off on the baby pink sheer blouses, I never said anything about deep lavender. This lacy oopsy top complete with a charcoal detachable bow succeeds in winterizing the risqué look that contemporary shoppers adore, especially in the free-spirited streetwear junkies of Austin. Wear with or without a bralette, because to each their own.🙂





What People Don’t Tell You About Starting Your Own Brand in 2016

So maybe you just graduated from a prestigious fashion design school… or gained some familiarity in the field through an internship or simply learned from someone of higher knowledge & experience. Perhaps you decided school wasn’t for you and instead went on to pursue your passion for design independently. In a competitive world, starting your own brand is destined to be an intimidating task, and might even seem impossible, the cause of discouragement that is to blame for ridding of tastemakers that truly had the potential to meet success. However, I have come to find that starting your own brand is a dream that a passionate being can bring to life by having an idea, support, confidence, and a master plan. Therefore, I’m here to ensure independent fashion designers who wish to build their own brand that it’s time to drop the focus on typical New Year’s resolutions that you’ll probably stop following by February & to start pursuing your fashion fantasies by building your own path to brand success in 2016- because it’s attainable. Where’s the proof? Visit Colabination’s blog which includes an extensive collection of past interviews (including many of my own) with contemporary label designers that started with just a dollar and a dream.

  2. illoume
  3. Curlee Bikini
  4. Bee Amour

You’ll also find that you can also draw inspiration from Colabination’s carefully curated Winter Fashion Guide, which includes a diverse collection of labels that pose a variety of different aesthetics and purpose. Just think, your independent line could be featured in 2016.

Clothes Horse Clothing




Sugar Coma Clothing




River City Leather



Wolf and Man





Tree Fairfax



Once your brand is in the works and apparel has been designed and produced, sites like Etsy and even your own personal online shop may only go so far due to lack of true exposure. This is why a fashion start up like Colabination is the one stop shop for the stylish millenials on a relentless search for unique threads- gifting you with the attention and clientele that your creative soul deserves.


Holiday Gift Guide for Boho Chicks

With gift-giving (and receiving) season approaching, it’s time to start thinking about who you’re treating and what to treat them with. Making the final decision on what to get someone can be pretty stressful since you want them to genuinely love their present that could possibly take you about 4 attempts to wrap until you give up and throw it in a glittery gift bag that you forgot to buy tissue paper for. Thankfully, online holiday shopping extends your unique gift ideas further than your local mall or a box of chocolates ever could (even though I would be pretty content with a box of Godiva’s and a bottle of cabernet under the tree this year).

Boho chic, a popular style term used to define the vast spectrum of fashion that is mainly influenced by seaside-esque bohemian and modern hippie vibes, has been making waves in the fashion industry for the past few years now- and doesn’t seem to be leaving our closets or fashion publications anytime soon. This list of my top picks for the best boho chic winter collections available consists of my favorite designers and pieces that can be found through Colabination. Since Colabination is linked up with local indie designers around the U.S., your boho chick is destined to set the trend in her unique threads that very few have yet to discover. If you’re searching for some presents to satisfy your lace up top loving, floppy hat wearing, oversized sweater-obsessed boho chick, look no further & let me guide you to the best of the best with my list of top picks for this holiday season.

  1. To keep her paws and neck warm: ARAE



2. Her invitation to join the “wearable art movement”: Baydian



3. Gorgeous colorful stones & gold accent accessories: Elyse by Nicole



4. The final touch to becoming the belle of the ball: Alysse Sterling













5. Spiritual and magical: Jacqueline Rose



6. Dare to be different: Clothes Horse Clothing


5 Fashion Startups Changing The Way We Shop

In a world full of things both beautiful and dangerous, I have grown to learn that online shopping may be the fairest of them all, with credit cards coming in at a close second. However, if you can handle these two vices which happen to go hand in hand, you will be au courant with the fashion scene. The history of online shopping began when English inventor Michael Aldrich developed a system that connected a television to a real time transaction-processing computer through a domestic telephone line. In other words, this is the man that I can thank for making it possible for me to impulsively load up my online Nordstrom shopping cart via iPhone, just for a pretty brown box to appear at my doorstep within 3-5 business days. This invention that was born in 1979 quickly expanded over just a few decades into a digital hub that greatly serves as a benefit to designers and tastemakers in the fashion industry across the globe.
With fall being my favorite fashion season, I further immersed myself into the activity of shopping at home, which led me to find 5 new fashion start ups to watch in addition to Colabination. Each of the start up companies appear to have their own objective to change online shopping, and now I can’t wait to share them with you.

1. The Coveteur
While serving a large audience of readers via multiple forms of social media, The Coveteur provides their readers with a digital backstage pass into the closets of those occupying the throne in the realm of modern street style and an introduction to tastemakers that influence these looks. Ever since I came across this site, I have made it a daily ritual to keep up to date on all things health, beauty, travel, & fashion. Follow this “passion project,” to stay well informed of upcoming talents in the aspect of fashion design, and to discover successful bloggers and freelance writers that work to keep you in the know.

2. Moda Operandi
Wouldn’t it be amazing to have access to high fashion, ready-to-wear designer items, simply from shopping at home? What if you could pre-order your favorite styles at the click of the button the moment they hit the runway for fashion week? Well, dream no longer, for this exists. Moda Operandi also provides its clients with exclusive access to personal stylists and an online boutique with authentic designer items that are ready for purchase and delivery to your doorstep right away. So, what is the best thing about this site that is changing the way that high fashion clients are shopping? It is accessible to anybody, for free- all you have to do is sign up online. Even if you’re not able to fill your whole closet with posh wear from Moda Operandi’s featured looks, it’s still an incredible source to treat yourself with a well deserved style splurge once in awhile.

3. Pose
Pose serves as a filtered Instagram in terms of introducing its visitors to various bloggers and tastemakers. At the site of this startup company, you can find prospective looks, designers, and boutiques that carry these featured pieces in a form of community style blogging. You can also submit your own looks as well! By visiting Pose, you are able to buy, sell, and trade items within a trusted fashion community and find beautiful looks for a popular price amongst millennials.

4. Warby Parker
This optical and sunglass eyewear online shop gives its potential clients a chance to practice “home try-on,” where they can try 5 different pairs of shades for 5 days- with no cost at all. This may be soothing to those who get cold feet before making that online purchase, resulting in reading over the return policy 20 more times (sound familiar?). However, when you shop with Warby Parker, you have 5 chances for trial and error with no consequence, which is a rare and appreciated opportunity in the online shopping world. When you purchase from Warby Parker, you are contributing to a monthly donation towards their nonprofit partners who train locals in developing countries to provide basic eye exams and sell optical wear at a low price. In result, these people are able to make a living in their communities, while providing their neighbors with necessary eye care & helping them feel great in their new frames.

5. Of a Kind
This fashion startup to watch is a marketplace for emerging designers, whom also shares their stories through an online blog. The site is simple to navigate through, offering 3 links for “shop,” “designer,” and “stories.” The pieces offered through the online shop are the definition of simplistic contemporary while serving a clientele of both men and women.

The Spotlight in Austin, Texas

Whether you’re a fashionable millennial or on the constant lookout for a startup that can lead you to the most desirable indie designers, Colabination is your next obsession. Go behind the label with me to discover the variety of contemporary designers that I have gotten to meet with in the city of Austin, Texas. Amongst these opportunities, I have also gotten to hear the story of designers across the country, along with an extraordinarily talented photographer across the Atlantic. This site is where you will be able to keep up with my fellow Blog Ambassadors and I as we move towards a lifestyle blog in order to expand and connect with other artists, tastemakers, boutiques, and more!